Carolina Benefits

Converting Base SAS® to Java with Carolina provides three main benefits to enterprises:

  • Open Architecture. Java program, that is the result of a SAS to Java conversion performed by Carolina, is a natural fit into any modern architecture environment, including web services, or into an operational system (rules engine, CRM, Risk management, or any other decisioning system)
  • Performance gains. Carolina enables running SAS programs in Big Data frameworks (Hadoop, MPP, etc) thus achieve sa high level of parallelism and significant performance gains
  • Savings on license fees. Carolina costs about 70% less than SAS

Additional Benefits

  • Greater flexibility. Java is an industry-standard environment that runs on all platforms. It is much easier to support than the legacy SAS environment it replaces
  • Flawless automated conversion. Eliminate time-consuming, error-prone manual conversion
  • Simpler contracts. Carolina is licensed in a simple, straightforward fashion
  • Reduced training costs. Carolina-converted programs can be understood by analysts without training in SAS, and SAS-trained analysts don’t need to learn a new programming language