Carolina Features

Carolina is a patented technology (US patent 8,453,126 B1) that allows to convert a syntactically correct Base SAS® program into an equivalent Java program. The resulting Java can be immediately executed as a stand alone program or used for further development and maintenance. Alternatively, it can be deployed into a parallel framework (Hadoop, MPP, Java grid) or into an operational decision supporting environment (rules engine, CRM system, etc.)

Carolina is the only automated solution that integrates Base SAS scripts in an operational, web-based applications. Carolina also is the only solution today that will run SAS programs in-database or in Hadoop framework.

What It Is

Carolina is:

  • a Java application invoked through the command-line interface or the API
  • a Java code generator from Base SAS. Hardware platform independent
  • a Base SAS replacement for the deployment and integration of SAS programs
  • a legacy Base SAS migration tool
  • a Base SAS abstract syntax tree (multiple language outputs possible)

What It Is Not

Carolina is not:

  • a desktop modeling tool
  • a third-party alternative Base SAS interpreter
  • a systems integration anguish

System Requirements

Carolina’s minimum requirement is a system with Java JRE 6.0