Dulles Research LLC, a private Virginia company founded by Drew Eginton and Yuri Galperin.

Dulles Research presents enterprise IT managers with Carolina™, the first software utility to convert Base SAS® language programs to industry standard Java. By parsing Base SAS code and building an abstract syntax tree, DullesOpen.com created, in effect, the industry’s first compiler for the dominant enterprise data scoring programming language.

Carolina replaces the need for customers to license, in full or in part, many of the following products: Base SAS, SAS Access®, SAS Connect®, SAS Integration Technologies®, and other SAS technologies.

Carolina enables SAS users to achieve levels of integration and performance not possible with native SAS. Examples include: 100% in-database processing support for SAS (not possible with SAS); web application integration; Business Rules Management Systems integration; third-party application integration; SAS program development, via the forthcoming Carolina IDE™ desktop client.

Dulles Research LLC was formed in 2005 to deliver Carolina and to address high-scale problem sets in the defense, intelligence, law enforcement and financial security sectors, focusing on illicit network analysis (the Lucid Threat Management System™).

Eginton and Galperin previously founded, developed and sold Marketswitch Corporation. Marketswitch’s innovation was a proprietary very high scale optimization technology for decision science needs in large consumer organizations. Experian purchased Marketswitch in 2004.

Eginton and Galperin previously worked together at Chalke Inc., where Eginton was president. Chalke, founded by Shane Chalke, pioneered asset-liablity management systems for insurer risk management, as well as arbitrage pricing and risk management systems for sell-side institutions.