Dulles Research receives a US Patent (8,453,126) for converting Base SAS to Java

Dulles’ Carolina™, is only solution available today for converting Base SAS® programs to industry standard Java, for execution on Hadoop, in-database processing, and application integration.

RESTON, VA — (www.DullesResearch.com – Jan 24, 2014) – Dulles Research LLC announced today that it has been awarded a US Patent (8,453,126) for Java implementation of SAS® code in its Carolina product.

The Carolina product is a compiler for Base SAS®. A majority of the world’s business-to-consumer (B2C) organizations utilize SAS® today, using the historical SAS® operating environment, to allocate marketing and financial resources. The Carolina product parses SAS® code and generates the functionally equivalent Java code, which may be then run in any Java Runtime Environment version 5.x or later. Dulles Research has developed the industry’s first commercially available utility that parses SAS® and generates a functionally equivalent Java code.

Carolina is a portfolio of applications that converts several products from SAS Institute Inc., the global leader in enterprise analytics. By exploiting the portability, openness, and performance attributes of Java, Carolina opens new doors for SAS® development and deployment at substantially lower cost. Carolina enables large organizations to lower their SAS infrastructure costs, improve runtime performance and enhance SAS® program integration – all without diminishing analytic productivity and efficiency.


Dulles, founded in 2005, is committed to offering SAS® users the option to enhance their SAS® commitment through ready integration and radically enhanced SAS® runtime performance. Dulles is adding value to the SAS® community through the modernization and optimization of the SAS® platform.

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