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Carolina is a patented technology that allows users to easily deploy Base SAS programs into operational systems and frameworks such as Hadoop. Carolina converts SAS programs into Java. The resulting Java code can be executed immediately or used for further deployment.

The Carolina Product Suite provides users with three distinct, separately licensed components that address a broad range of business needs and use cases. In addition to these components, the Carolina Product Suite also includes the S-JDBC driver.

Carolina for Hadoop
Enables Base SAS programs to be executed in parallel using the Hadoop framework, accessing data stored in the Hadoop file system (HDFS) as Hive tables. This provides a significant improvement in run times for large data processing programs that execute computationally intensive code on large volumes of data.

Carolina for Hadoop allows any SAS program to be executed in parallel via the Hadoop framework. It converts SAS Data Steps into Hadoop MapReduce jobs and generates a combination of MapReduce Java code and HiveQL queries for SAS PROCs. This allows utilization of Hadoop’s massively parallel execution capabilities as well as access to data stored in the Hadoop file system (HDFS). Typically, this results in an order-of- magnitude improvement in run times for scoring large datasets.

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Carolina for Integration
Enables the deployment and embedding of converted Base SAS programs as executables in production IT environments. The JAR files generated by Carolina for Integration can be invoked from operational systems in real-time or in batch mode.

Carolina for Integration converts a SAS program, often a predictive model, into a JAR file that is accessible in real time or in batch mode from an operational system like a web server, CRM system, or a business rules engine. The operational system provides the input data and calls the Carolina-generated Java code one record at a time. Optionally, Carolina for Integration can perform validation of the converted program, if benchmark input and output datasets are provided. Carolina is validated to work with a number of COTS operational systems; and an API is provided to ease integration with proprietary Java-based applications.

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Carolina Standalone
Is designed to follow the process flow of Base SAS. Internally, it converts a SAS program to Java, compiles, and executes it. All of this processing is performed automatically, transparent to the user. Carolina Standalone generates output equivalent to Base SAS, including native SAS datasets, log, and result files. Carolina Standalone can optionally output the generated Java source files for verification purposes.

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Carolina S-JDBC
A Java Database Connectivity driver that enables the direct reading and writing of proprietary-format SAS datasets. By using S-JDBC, Java developers can access SAS datasets without having to learn SAS or understand the complexities of SAS data sets.

Carolina S-JDBC is an enterprise software utility that facilitates direct reading and writing of proprietary- format SAS datasets. As a JDBC driver, S-JDBC can be plugged into any third-party, Java-based application. This includes any JDBC supported operational system, including rules engines, CRM, or other decision support applications. S-JDBC allows users to import any data that resides in a legacy SAS warehouse or file set. After the operational application completes its job, S-JDBC allows the output data to be loaded back into the SAS data repository. Unlike the JDBC driver provided by SAS itself, no SAS server licensing or technology is required.


Professional Services
Dulles Research offers engagement-based professional services including large scale service projects, custom programming, and SAS to Java conversion services (including porting of mainframe legacy SAS programs to Linux). Hadoop implementation of SAS programs on a service basis may be included with Carolina for Hadoop product implementation projects.