Carolina S-JDBC Driver


  • Read and write SAS data sets (sas7bdat) directly from R, Python, Java
  • Enable access to SAS data sets for your Java web applications by deploying SAS data set file-based Data Sources into WebLogic, WebSphere, Tomcat and others
  • Develop Java applications reading and writing SAS data set files using familiar JDBC interface
  • Manage SAS data sets from SQuirreL, Eclipse, Intellij IDEA, or any database productivity tool supporting JDBC


  • No SAS Server licenses or technology is required to use S-JDBC
  • Packaged as JDBC 4.0 self-contained Java jar file with no external dependencies
  • Reads SAS data sets including CHAR and BINARY compression
  • Writes data in SAS native data set file format
  • Provides access to SAS data set metadata including labels and formats
  • Commercial license includes updates and technical support

  • Use Eclipse Data Tools Platform to work with sas7bdat files

Carolina S-JDBC is a pure Java software component enabling a Java application to interact with SAS® data sets stored as sas7bdat files.

Carolina S-JDBC implements JDBC™ 4.0 Driver interface and can be deployed into any third-party Java-based application or an operational system like an application server, rules engine, CRM platform or data integration platform that supports JDBC. Carolina S-JDBC can read and write sas7bdat files.

Unlike with JDBC driver available as a part of SAS System, no SAS server licenses or technology is required to use S-JDBC.